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Contact TECH9 for Specialist Post Tensioning and Complete Construction-Engineering Solutions for Buildings, Bridges and Special Structures. :: For Innovative and comprehensive solutions for specialized civil engineering projects in the areas of building and bridge projects and external post tensioning solutions contact us. :: We provide offer the products that are in line with international standards with personal attention on execution of projects. In a span of 4 and half years of incorporation Tech9 acquired a large number of projects in various parts of India with its core reputed team and expertise...

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  1. 2010 commonwealth games-project-IG-INTERNATIONAL INDRAPRASTH STADIUM NEW DELHI. Heavy lifting and replacement of 8 PYLON  HEAD BEARINGS. Project completed in a record time of 15 DAYS. for M/s SWADESHI CONSTRUCTIONS-DELHI
  2. Load Testing of – Railway Bridge at KADAPA for 335 Tons - for Bharati Cements- Vaishnavi Infra
  3. Load  Testing of – Building – for 1000 tons- at Rohini- Delhi
  4. Load Testing of Piles- 2000 Tons – at PALGAR- Soma- DFC-2 VASAI- BAHRUCH section
  5. Erection of – Macalloy bar systems - for  2010 commonwealth games-project- Yamuna Sports complex- JHILMIL stadium.
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