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Contact TECH9 for Specialist Post Tensioning and Complete Construction-Engineering Solutions for Buildings, Bridges and Special Structures. :: For Innovative and comprehensive solutions for specialized civil engineering projects in the areas of building and bridge projects and external post tensioning solutions contact us. :: We provide offer the products that are in line with international standards with personal attention on execution of projects. In a span of 4 and half years of incorporation Tech9 acquired a large number of projects in various parts of India with its core reputed team and expertise...

Services > Post Tensioning Works in Bridges

Our new powerful design team is guided by very experienced engineers already well known in the Indian market. In close collaboration with Swiss experts we are able to serve our clients with A-Z bridge designs, be it in steel, concrete or composite and provide all the related construction engineering.

Conceptual studies and designs

  • Cable stayed bridges
  • Arch  bridges
  • Multispan bridge structures, cast in situ and pre-cast segmental
  • Incrementally launched bridges
  • Cantilever bridges

Construction engineering services

  • Construction methods and concepts
  • Stage by stage analysis
  • Geometry control
  • Design of temporary works such as
    -    Launching girders
    -    Form Travellers
    -   Moving scaffold systems
    -   Gantries
    -   Heavy Lifting devices
    -    Short and long line moulds for pre-cast segment production
  • Technical assistance and supervision on site

For the design of bridges and temporary works we use state of art software for computing and drafting. To enhance clarity for execution and therefore prevent mistakes we develop our structures in 3D, in other words virtually build them in advance.

The 3D models will provide the surveyors with all the coordinates at the click of a button and will give valuable information such as concrete volume, weight and centre of gravity of any part of the structure. To train your site team in the use of the 3D features we are happy to send one of our engineers.


As a newly founded company we yet cannot show references under Tech9 Engineering Services but we are convinced that our impressive personnel project records will soon change this. Please feel free to ask for the CV’s of our staff.

To be independent and therefore able to cover the full range of design services our consulting wing will be registered separately as “Tech9 Structural Consultants” in the near future.

Post Tensioning Works in Bridges
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