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Contact TECH9 for Specialist Post Tensioning and Complete Construction-Engineering Solutions for Buildings, Bridges and Special Structures. :: For Innovative and comprehensive solutions for specialized civil engineering projects in the areas of building and bridge projects and external post tensioning solutions contact us. :: We provide offer the products that are in line with international standards with personal attention on execution of projects. In a span of 4 and half years of incorporation Tech9 acquired a large number of projects in various parts of India with its core reputed team and expertise...

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Tech9 provides an extensive service for the construction of Post Tensioned Slab Systems covering the following Scopes.

  • Project feasibility study for post tension application.
  • Preliminary design and cost estimation.
  • Final design and shop/working drawings.
  • Complete supply and installation of post tensioning systems.
  • Complete services for formwork set up, reinforcement fixing, concreting and post tensioning installation of slab structures.


The use of the post tensioned slab system has been consistently growing in the recent years.  Typical applications have been:

  • Private residential housing
  • Offices
  • Car parks
  • Shopping centers
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels and apartments
  • Industrial buildings  

Advantages of post tensioned slab systems

The main advantages of post tensioned slab over conventional reinforced concrete slab, may be summarized as follows:

  • Increased Clear spans
  • Thinner Slabs
  • Lighter structures
  • Reduced cracking and deflections
  • Reduced storey height
  • Repaid Construction
  • Better Water tightness

These advantages can result in significant savings in costs.  There are also some situations where the height of the building is limited, in which the reduced height has allowed additional storeys to be constructed within the building envelope.

Types of Post Tensioned Slab Systems

There are Several different types of post tensioned slab systems.  Some of the more common layouts are given in figures below:

Bonded or Unbounded Tendons

Post tensioned slab systems can be constructed using either bonded or unbounded tendons. The relative merits of the two techniques are subject to debate. The following points may be made in favor of each:

Bonded Unbounded
Develops higher ultimate flexural strength Provides greater available lever arm
Does not depend upon the anchorage after growing Reduces friction losses
Localized the effects of damage Simplifies prefabrications of tendons
Simple technique for demolishing or providing future opening in slab Grouting not required
Simple technique for demolishing or providing future openings Cab be constructed faster
  General Cheaper
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