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Contact TECH9 for Specialist Post Tensioning and Complete Construction-Engineering Solutions for Buildings, Bridges and Special Structures. :: For Innovative and comprehensive solutions for specialized civil engineering projects in the areas of building and bridge projects and external post tensioning solutions contact us. :: We provide offer the products that are in line with international standards with personal attention on execution of projects. In a span of 4 and half years of incorporation Tech9 acquired a large number of projects in various parts of India with its core reputed team and expertise...


The systems are primary designed to suit for the post tension slabs and shallow depth structures such as in the transverse post tension of bridge deck slab and most of building slab. The systems are available for both unbonded and bonded tendon systems.

Single strand - unbonded tendon systems
The single strand system is normally adapted for unbonded tendon which the strand is greased and PE coated for corrosion protection as well as reducing friction.

Anchorage components

Stressing Anchorage Data

A normal reinforcing bar of 2 DB 12 Grade 40 is normally provided behind the stressing anchoring to act as brusting reinforcement in the anchorage zone.

Dead end anchorage

Multistrand flat duct - bonded tendon systems

The multistrand flat duct systems is normally adapted for bonded tendon. The strands are individually gripped in one flat anchor head unit and tramsmits their prestressing forces by mean of flat type anchor plate casting unit. The strands are stressed individually by mean of a mono strand jack. The strands are contained in one flat duct which is made of corrugated galvanized or non-galvanized metal. To ensure corrosion protection and to give adequate bond strength, the tendons are filled with suitable cement grout mix after complete stressing of the strands.


Anchorage Components

Stressing anchorage data

The Same anchorage for stressing anchorage can be used as dead end anchorage in which case the wedges are preseated in the anchor head unit by applying norminal force to the strand using the stressing jack.

Dead end anchorage

A bulb anchorage can be used as